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Bethany Cooper

Bethany is a Americorps Y.O.Uth Serve Member at Lincoln Junior High

Bethany is an Evanston local a recent graduate of Calvin College, where she obtained her degree in Religious Studies. In her time at Calvin, she had numerous opportunities to explore her passion for the outdoors and people, namely through a semester program in an intentional community located in the Siskiyou National Forest (aka "The Oregon Extension"). IMG_0303.JPG

 Bethany's experience with intentional community also extended to being a Resident Assistant at Calvin, interning with a multi-ethnic and economically diverse church in Richmond, VA and overnight camp counseling for youth. Being a part of these communities has informed her desire to work among diverse groups of people, learn from people with different perspectives and have inter-generational relationships. 

Bethany looks forward to building personal relationships with the youth at Lincoln Junior High this year. In her time off, you can find her running by the lake, exploring fun and inventive recipes, sitting among the library shelves or sipping a hot beverage.