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Zae Jorden

Zae serves as the Youth and Family Counselor at Nichols and ETHS. 

T-Jorden.jpgZae Jorden was born in Denver, CO. They are passionate about equity and mental health work. Their goal is to bridge the gap between those two worlds, because as we know oppression, power and privilege can impact one's body, mind, spirit and more. Zae received their BA in 2015 at Naropa University in Boulder, CO in Contemplative Psychotherapy with a concentration in Somatic Therapy. Zae also received a Minor in Performing Arts and focused on telling the story of racism and segregation in North America. 

Zae then received their MA in Clinical Counseling as a Dance Movement Therapist in 2019, at Naropa University, in Boulder, CO as they are passionate about self expression and healing in the body. They are passionate about supporting people who have marginalized locations in finding home in their bodies. Zae is passionate about supporting people to find one's passion, to embody one's passion and then bring one's passion to the world in an authentic, sustainable and trauma informed way. Fun facts about them is that they love fishing and creating rap and spoken word circles.