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Our Commitment to Equity

Y.O.U. strives to close the opportunity gap by preparing youth for post-secondary and life success through academic, social, and emotional support. We seek to build trust, forge authentic connections, and operate in the spirit of true collaboration, partnership, and community. Y.O.U. affirms every person’s individuality and humanity, honoring all identities in ways that advance inclusion, equity, and justice. Y.O.U.’s work toward equity is based on an intersectional approach with recognition of the many aspects of identity including race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, language, religion, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, and soci­oeconomic status.


Our work takes many forms–everything from changing internal policy to choosing local partners to ensuring we have a diverse team. Our DEI Goals and Strategic Imperatives include:

  • Recruiting staff members who reflect our youths’ backgrounds and experiences;
  • Continued professional development for our staff on the history of our communities, cultural competency, inclusion, and equity;
  • Seeking and incorporating the valuable input of all staff, families, and community members;
  • Partnering with local businesses, organizations, and community leaders to share knowledge, resources, and initiatives; and
  • Ensuring internal policies and practices are written and carried out with a commitment to equity, including our curriculum for youth.